JS Feature: Murder of Dane County priest Alfred Kunz still unsolved after 20 years

Twenty years ago Sunday, a teacher at St. Michael's School in the small farming town of Dane arrived for work to find the priest on the floor in a pool of blood.

Police determined that the priest, Alfred Kunz, 67, had likely been attacked late the previous evening after he returned from recording a radio show called "Our Catholic Family."

His throat had been slit.

The case remains unsolved.

Dane County Sheriff David J. Mahoney is hoping to change that with the launch of a social media campaign.

"On the 20th anniversary, we thought we would start releasing information to the public that has not been publicly released," he said. "If holding back the information has not done us the service of bringing people forward, it’s time to start releasing information."
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Good to know there is still an effort to give this saintly priest some justice.

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