WisSJ: Murder of Latin Mass priest still unsolved 20 years later

Wisconsin State Journal also doing feature of Fr. Alfred Kunz's murder.  A good article, a few snippets.  Go read the whole thing there.
A private investigator from Hoffman Estates, Ill., who studied the Kunz murder while doing research on another case involving a priest a few years ago, said during a 2015 interview that the sheriff’s office was doing a credible job with its investigation. “There’s no physical evidence to incriminate a suspect and there are no witnesses,” Thomas Hampson said.

Hampson, who did intelligence work for the U.S. Air Force and the state of Illinois and now heads an alliance that tracks down child sexual predators, believes detectives know who murdered Kunz but the person they needed to make the case stand up in court “was not forthcoming” with them, probably out of self-preservation. And that person is dead,” he said.
article at WisSJ

Also much discussed in the article is Fr. Kunz's celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass and promotion of Catholic morality, in addition to one former Madison bishop accused of allowing Fr. Kunz's reputation to be tarnished, and if one reads between the lines, Bp. Bullock may have thought that Fr. Kunz had it coming so to speak.

I hope a renewed focus on this tragedy will bring about a final closure for the people of the Diocese of Madison.


  1. I did some work for Bullock years ago, when he was here in the the Archdiocese. The way he is described in the article confirms my own impressions. Sounds to me as if Fr. Kunz is most likely a saint in heaven.

  2. When I was a counselor at Badger Boys State, a Dane County Deputy Sheriff Police (chief deputy) who was also a counselor at Boy's State (Ron Boylan) -- who is now deceased -- said they had a pretty good idea who it was and that it was related to sexual abuse. However there wasn't any actionable evidence.


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