Wisconsin Supreme Court to hear case on Marquette professor's suspension

Marie Rohde wrote at the National Catholic Reporter.
"The Wisconsin Supreme Court will soon decide a case involving the effective firing of a Marquette University professor [John McAcams] who wrote in his personal blog [Marquette Warrior] about a confrontation between an undergraduate and a teaching assistant who refused to allow a classroom discussion of same-sex marriage that she considered homophobic."
Argument before the Wisconsin Supreme Court is scheduled for tomorrow, April 19th, beginning at 1:30pm.
"Lawyers and supporters of McAdams say the university violated his academic freedom and first amendment rights.

"Marquette and its supporters counter that academic freedom and free speech have nothing to do with McAdams' discipline. ... McAdams used the blog 'in order to expose her ([teaching assistant Cheryl] Abbate) to negative comments from readers of his blog' and then sent it to supporters, talk show hosts and other media outlets around the country.

"Lawyers for McAdams say he did not post Abbate's contact information but merely linked to her blog. He does not deny naming her."
The court's current term ends July 31st so opinion(s) in the case should be issued by then.

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