Fr. Peter Fehlner, requiescat in pace

I am sending this email with the intention of reaching all those who know and love Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner. He has been declining in recent years and more rapidly in the past months. Last week he had a stroke and now is not long for this world. He has been prepared with all the sacraments and the apostolic pardon and I know many are already praying for him. Please join in lifting him up if you are just hearing about this.

Fr. Peter is now a knight at the foot of the Cross in his last conflict. He has been a faithful son and defender of Our Lady. May the consecration of which he has been so great an example be brought to perfection.

I am sorry to inform you that Fr. Peter Damian Felhner passed away at Baystate Medical Center, this morning, at about 4:30 AM.  He will be waked this Thursday at 8:00 PM in St. Stanislaus Church in Chicopee, Massachusetts with the funeral the next morning at 11:00 AM.


Unknown said...

I had the honor of spending two years as Fr Peter Damian's student. Every day for two years he taught me theology right from the text of Saint Bonaventure. An intellectual giant! No theologian alive could hold a candle to this man. May he rest in peace! I trust that he is safe within the arms of the Immaculate, whom Fr Peter loved with all his heart. -Fr David Mary of Our Lady of Sorrows, FFM

Anonymous said...

He was a very wise and holy man. Had his counsel and guidance been sought by more Church leaders, a lot of grief could have been avoided.