Rochester MN group petitions bishop for a regular Latin Mass


Letters to His Excellency, Bishop Quinn


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Monsignor Cook has been assigned to a position in Rome working for the Congregation of the Clergy. We are very sad to see him go as he has been such a supporter of the Latin Mass and traditional devotions here in Rochester. As of July, we will be without a priest to offer the Latin Mass in Rochester and Chatfield. We are writing the bishop to humbly ask him to assign a priest to the area who can fulfill this need and continue building upon the work that Monsignor has done over the past two years at St. Francis. We are asking you to please also write to the Bishop, respectfully making known your thoughts. You can click on the button above to view and download a template for writing your own letter. Feel free to include something about what the TLM means to you, support for Monsignor's efforts, a request to invite the FSSP or anything else you feel should be expressed charitably to Bishop Quinn. We ask that you mail your letters in time so that they arrive no later than May 15th. If you could please also "sign" this letter by clicking the button above, it would be greatly appreciated. We feel sending individual letters would be most effective but if you are unable to write, please at least sign.
I've always been stunned by the seeming lack of support for the Latin Mass Community in Rochester (pop. 115,000).  I hope that the folks there get the support that they are requesting.  I don't think considering the area that the request is unreasonable.  There are several priest in the diocese who can meet their needs, not to mention the Diocese of Winona-Rochester has closed several parishes over the last few years, and couldn't a parish be repurposed for a religious order to service?.

details at Rochester Latin Mass Society 

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