Text of Fr. Phillips Canon Law Letter to Cardinal Cupich

With the Archdiocese of Chicago refusing to shed light on precisely what it is charging the head of the St John Cantius order with, we are left to read between the lines.  Oakes has obtained the letter of Fr. Phillips to Cdl. Cupich regarding his canonical defense. 

To speak in layman's terms, Fr. Phillips' legal counsel argued that based upon the procedural actions and statements of the Archdiocese in March, the initial actions of Cardinal Cupich to remove Fr. Phillips from public ministry were unfair and unjust, or, more to the point, invalid under canon law. Fr. Phillips was prematurely judged guilty, harshly disciplined and publicly humiliated without, at that point, sufficient procedure or cause. Indeed, these actions were undertaken before the commencement of the formal investigation by the Resurrectionists. Because he was already guilty, testimony by any of the priests and brothers of the Canons - many of whom would presumably be in a good position to know about the existence or absence of "improper conduct" on the part of Fr. Phillips - was ruled out in the investigation into whether or not he was guilty.

Of course it sounds unjust. It also frankly sounds bizarre.
I assumed from the beginning that there must have been serious misconduct by Fr. Phillips, giving the benefit of the doubt to the Archdiocese.  Other than ideological warfare, it just doesn't make sense to go after the Canons like this.  It seems like Cardinal Cupich and the Archdiocese seriously overstepped here.  I'll wait for the next update.... but what I'm hearing makes it look very bad for the Archdiocese. 

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