Loome Theological Booksellers launches campaign to keep brick and mortar location open

A forced relocation and a family medical crisis have imperiled the theological and educational work of the revered Loome Theological Booksellers of Stillwater, Minnesota. To keep connecting readers and seekers with real and good books, Loome Theological Booksellers has recently launched a GoFundMe Campaign in order to keep it’s brick and mortar location open.

Loome Theological Booksellers, formally established in the early 1980s, was the passion project of Dr. Thomas M. Loome, one of the first Catholic laymen to be awarded a doctorate of theology after Vatican II. Back in the 1970s, after apprenticing in the book trade with Richard Booth, “King” of the first international Booktown, Hay-on-wye in Wales, Dr. Loome began rescuing books from dying Catholic libraries, monasteries, and seminaries which were undergoing an inappropriate purging of their pre-Vatican II material in the midst of their own crisis in vocations and enrollments. He gathered them from locations all over North America and England into the Old Swedish Covenant Church in Stillwater, where he was also living and raising his young family.
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