Cardinal Cupich's astoundingly terrible response to the cover up of sexual abuse of minors

Something about these guys hating rabbits.

Apparently a bit of confusion here.... both of Pope Francis' parents are Italian.  He is a white European.

I really did not expect such a spectacular flop from Cdl Cupich. It's an interview so it's not like reading prepared remarks, but it's like he gets panicked and realizes he's not allowed to say the rational thing which I think for him should have been "We take any charges of sexual abuse extremely seriously.   I trust Pope Francis as he continues to improve the Church's accountability.  As bishops we move forward together to improve the Dallas Charter.  Etc, etc."

These are troubling times.  Take it all with a grain of salt and a mountain of prayer.


Terry Nelson said...

I wonder if Cupich hasn't been replaced by a double? You know, like Sr. Lucia and P. Paul. What?

Frank said...

There could not be two of him.
Obviously, he did not get where he is by handling crises well.