WI Sen. Tammy Baldwin could be more vulnerable than people realized

Newly minted GOP Senate nominee Leah Vukmir is within striking distance of incumbent Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin.

A new Marquette University Law survey has the two candidates polling within the margin or error. "Among likely voters in the race for the Wisconsin U.S. Senate seat on the ballot in November, 49 percent support the incumbent, Democrat Tammy Baldwin, and 47 percent support Republican Leah Vukmir, while 3 percent say they lack a preference or do not lean toward a candidate," the pollsters reported on Wednesday. The margin of error was plus or minus 4.5 percentage points. Note also the small share of voters without a preference or lean, meaning that, as often seems to happen with Wisconsin elections, the candidates will be fighting over a very small piece of the electoral pie going forward.
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