Cardinal Cupich on scandal: ‘We have a bigger agenda than to be distracted by all of this’

The young man studying at Mundelein Seminary to become a Catholic priest seemed anguished as he vented to Cardinal Blase Cupich about the clergy sex-abuse scandal that threatens to topple Pope Francis and drive more people away from the faith.

“I’m hurting, I can’t sleep, I’m sick,” the seminarian told Cupich during an Aug. 29 gathering at which the cardinal spoke to about 200 future priests enrolled at the seminary, according to another person who was there and spoke with the Chicago Sun-Times but asked not to be identified.

The seminarian told Cupich he was a young boy during the last scandal, in the early 2000s — amid a renewed wave of child-rape allegations against priests and cover-ups by their bishop bosses — and “thought this was over,” that the bishops had done their jobs.
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Terrence Berres said...

In the article, "Cupich ... said, 'If I say what he [Vigano] says is credible, then I have to say what he’s saying is credible about me.'"

He can't admit there's a problem because that would entail admitting he's part of it.

It is a bit like "omerta". See 'Free Frank Keating: The Catholic Church Really Is Like the Mafia', by Timothy Noah, Slate, June 16, 2003 [link]

Dad29 said...

"....a bit like 'omerta'..."

If you study the history, you will understand that the Church TAUGHT 'omerta' to the Mafia.