Construction Moving Along at St. Rita Square in Milwaukee

Apartments aren’t the only thing planned. In exchange for acquiring the site for $1, Tarantino’s firm will construct a new church and sell it back to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee for $1. The new church, designed to reflect the long-gone Blessed Virgin of Pompeii church in the Historic Third Ward, will be utilized by the Three Holy Women parish led by Reverend Tim Kitzke.
While facade installation is months away, Ald. Nik Kovac isn’t pleased with how the developer attempted to “value engineer” the building. The project is subject to a Detailed Planned Development zoning package, requiring legislative approval for even minor design changes to the building’s exterior.

“This was a whole lot worse. They really tried to value engineer this thing. To allow what I would argue was a bait and switch,” Kovac said at a City Plan Commission hearing in early December, referencing how Tarantino had tried to modify the project. “Had I known that I probably would have taken a different stance on this building.”

Kovac was specifically taking issue with the developer’s attempt to substantially increase the use of EIFS, an acronym for exterior insulation finishing system. The material, derided as “styrofoam,” is commonly associated with big box stores and fast food restaurants. EIFS is both cheaper and lighter than other options, and generally discouraged by the Department of City Development because of concerns about how it ages.
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gary l haas said...

Doh! In the drawing the bell tower is on the wrong side of the church.