Journal Sentinel posts first article in a ten part series on the murder of Fr. Alfred Kunz

Deputy David Cattanach was on his way to check on a wounded cat when a more pressing call came over the radio: Someone had suffered an injury at St. Michael School. A fall maybe. Or an accident. The dispatcher mentioned blood on the floor.

The kitten would have to wait.

Cattanach turned onto the winding road that led to the rural Wisconsin town of Dane, population 621, give or take a few. It was a sunny March morning in 1998, more spring than winter, and the roads were clear.

A few minutes into his 10-mile drive, another radio call came through: The man on the floor of the school wasn’t just injured; he was dead.
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Retired Detective Linda Pederson Honer said in an interview that she personally interviewed two women who admitted having sexual relationships with Kunz, but she would not give their names.

Now it could be that there were romantic relationships... but if these were proven to be false, it seems to indicate a larger conspiracy is in play....

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