Msgr. James Bartylla discusses role as diocesan administrator

MADISON -- “The general rule is that a diocesan administrator can do whatever a diocesan bishop can do, but with some important limitations, and of course, a priest elected as the diocesan administrator isn’t a consecrated bishop, and therefore doesn’t possess the sacramental grace and character of the episcopacy,” said Msgr. James Bartylla in discussing his role as diocesan administrator of the Diocese of Madison.

On November 26, two days after the death of Bishop Robert C. Morlino, the College of Consultors -- a body of nine diocesan priests -- elected Monsignor Bartylla as diocesan administrator. He had been the vicar general for Bishop Morlino.

“Upon the death of a bishop, all vicars general and episcopal vicars lose their offices,” noted Monsignor Bartylla. “The College of Consultors assumes governance of the diocese upon the death of the bishop.”
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