Rochester MN priest to address the diocese's past of child sexual abuse.

The Diocese of Winona Rochester is facing 121 claims of child sexual abuse by clergy and while the process for the bankruptcy is still happening, one priest is speaking out about the Church's scandals.

"Now, they are working towards settlements and towards a final summary of all the claims," Father Jason Kern, the Vocations Director for the Diocese said.

Kern says now is a time of healing for the Church which has been rocked by child sexual abuse claims.

"The church is broken, it has broken members and leaders like myself who are not perfect and we are all in need of healing," Kern said.

Kern is upfront about the fact that the claims have also hurt him.

"I suffer with them in this," Kern said. "It's been difficult, all of the allegations and working through these things for what feels like way too long."
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