Gov Tony Evers seeks to freeze enrollment in private voucher schools, suspend charter school expansion

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MADISON - Gov. Tony Evers in his first state budget is seeking to undo expansions of private voucher schools and independent charter schools passed by Republicans over the last decade.

Aides say the proposals are an attempt to reduce property taxes and stabilize what the Democratic governor sees as two parallel systems of education in Wisconsin.

But Republicans who control the Legislature are likely to block many, if not all, of the measures Evers wants.

Evers, the former chief of the state's education agency, is seeking to freeze the number of students who may enroll in private voucher schools across the state, including in Milwaukee where the nation's first voucher program began nearly 30 years ago.
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Umm... okay.  I can understand going after the whole state program, but attacking the Milwaukee program??
The oldest school voucher program was created in Milwaukee in 1990 with a singular focus on African-American students living in poverty. This school year, the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program issued nearly 28,000 vouchers for low-income kids to attend dozens of private and religious schools at public expense.
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