Wisconsin martyr’s sister tells what it’s like to have a saint in the family

Brother Miller holding a lamb.  He always had a great love of farming and creation. 
Miller's hometown remembers him as a farm boy who had a simple, but strong faith in God.

It’s not every day that you have a saint buried in your local cemetery. The unincorporated, rural town of Ellis, Wisconsin (originally known as “Poland Corners”), will soon become a pilgrimage site as a farm-boy from the community will be beatified later this year.

His name was James Miller and he was born into a humble Polish farming community on September 21, 1944. Growing up, he attended the small wooden church of St. Martin, which is next to his family’s dairy farm.

Miller loved the outdoors and enjoyed the manual labor he had to do on the farm. He also loved to fix things, a skill that stayed with him, earning him the nickname of “Brother Fix-It” after he joined the Christian Brothers religious community.
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Man, that Polonia church is gorgeous.  Gotta get there next time I'm in the area. 

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