A State of the Diocese of Madison, after the death of Bishop Morlino

via Diocese of Madison

Want to hear a weird rumor?  Bishop Barron to Madison to replace Bishop Morlino.  Total rumor, I don't think it makes sense.


  1. Bishop Barron for Madison? Not even a rumor, just total speculation. But I think it makes sense on a number of levels:
    1) He's from Chicago, so Wisconsin would be a return to his roots.
    2) He's been an auxiliary for a few years now, so he's learned the basics of bishoping.
    3) A small but visible diocese like Madison would be a good stepping-stone to a more prominent diocese.
    4) He's a "New Evangelizer," and so a good fit for a post-Christian city like Madison -- home of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.
    5) He's an academic, and so a good fit for a college town.

    1. No thank you. I prefer Aux Bp Joseph Perry of Chicago because he celebrates the TLM/EF Mass just like Bp. Morlino did. We need someone who appreciates the EF Liturgy.


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