Finally! Archdiocese of Milwaukee to drop names from Cousins, Weakland centers, Cathedral depiction of Weakland shepherding children

Archbishop Rembert Weakland and William Cousins, shown in 1980. (Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel files)
Bowing to increased pressure from Catholics and victims of clergy sexual abuse, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee announced Tuesday that it would remove the names of former Archbishops William E. Cousins and Rembert G. Weakland — both of whom took part in the coverup of sex crimes against children — from its headquarters complex and cathedral center.

The sign at the Archbishop Cousins Catholic Center in St. Francis was removed around noon today, and a new name will be announced and a temporary sign installed at 10 a.m. Friday, according to the archdiocese.

Weakland's name already has been removed from the parish center at St. John the Evangelist in downtown Milwaukee, as has a bas relief inside the Cathedral depicting Weakland shepherding small children.  However, historical portraits of Cousins and Weakland will remain inside the cathedral, said spokeswoman Amy Grau.

The archdiocese's decision, which has been sought by victim-survivors for years, follows similar moves by church officials around the country.
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This really is a big deal internally for Milwaukee, where Archbishop Weakland and his allies still have a great amount of influence. The article even goes on to mention:

Weakland, who is in hospice care, still has many supporters, some of whom are likely to see the archdiocese's move as a kind of scapegoating.



Unknown said...

This is an answer to many prayers. Even things like this have a spiritual dimension to it. I'm glad the Archbishop finally had the courage!

Dad29 said...

Some Weakland supporters have a TON of money--the Miller Brewing fortune.

Ann Stokman said...

Excellent News! Happy to hear the names have been removed.

Anonymous said...

Not sure "courage" had much to do with it. The pressure was/is mounting, as it should. E.g...This letter was sent to the Archbishop just prior to his announcement: There is quite a bit more to be done.