When coaching in Green Bay, Dick Bennett attended Mass at least three times a week

In an interview with The Compass following a successful 1990-91 season, Dick and Tony Bennett spoke about their faith.

“The biggest thing my faith has done is that it’s helped me keep my balance and my perspective,” said Tony. “Things get blown way out of proportion, especially in this town, with how we’re put on a pedestal. I think my faith, which is the most important thing to me, helps me.”

During their years in Green Bay, Dick and Anne Bennett attended SS. Peter and Paul Parish in Green Bay. “The coach tries to attend morning Mass at least three times a week,” wrote Compass reporter Kathy Berken. “He reads Scripture daily and quotes the letters of his hero, St. Paul, in pep talks to the team.”

Tony, whose wife, Laurel, was once a youth minister in an evangelical church, is now an evangelical Christian.
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