It seems Benedictines of Mary consider the move to Madison to be cancelled

Plans moved forward toward Madison, but when Bishop Morlino suddenly and unexpectedly passed to eternity, our foundational compass turned south again. We remain very grateful to the Diocese of Madison for all they had done in preparation for the cancelled move, and if our welcome is still extant when we are again ready to make a foundation, we will happily resume plans to go north, according to God’s will!
Benedictines of Mary Spring Newsletter

There's couple ways this could be read, perhaps they simply are waiting to see if Bishop Hying extends the same offer once he is installed as bishop, or the mention "when we are again ready to make a foundation" which seems to indicate they may be making other plans? 

A good blogger would reach out to a few people to get the scoop, but as you are aware I am not a good blogger, at least until I get some more free time.  If this does come to fruition, it would be an incredible addition to our state.  We need, *need* more women religious of many different focuses and missions all with Jesus Christ at their heart.  I'm still hoping God answers my prayers for an order of women religious medical professionals.

Ok so I'm told that the move is cancelled, the sisters chose a small town in Missouri instead of Madison
I hope this one will do: on April 28, Divine Mercy Sunday and the feast of our secondary patron, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, we said goodbye to the Sisters setting out to begin our first daughter house! When the search for our first foundation was on, we first headed down to a little town called Ava, Missouri, where Bishop Edward Rice met us and showed us a very large house that had become available.

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