Reader looking for recommendations while passing through

From a reader, perhaps folks could chime in on the comments, she did not leave contact info.
Karen Marie Rotter

Two of us, mature female Oblates of St Benedict and members of an FSSP Parish in Tacoma, WA, and pilgrimaging from Olympia, WA throughout Wisconsin, Chicago, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma. My sister and other family members live in Cashton, WI so I have been privileged to visit the Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine from the time of its Dedication. We could not find any lodging near the shrine, so it’s the only place we will have to resort to a motel; July 3-10 weekly rate $275 including tax is very reasonable, but we would rather stay at a Holy Place. This is not a vacation, and staying with my family would be too much of a distraction. I know there are residential houses just below the Shrine; do you know if any have room-rentals?

Can you tell me about the Latin Mass in Cashton’s St Mary Ridge, and about the Institute of Christ the King in LaCrosse, and other Holy Places that would be good to visit near LaCrosse. We will arrive by Amtrak and then rent a car for six weeks. We will stay a week at Resurrection Monastery while visiting the approved Apparition Site in Champion, then Holy Hill, Our Lady of LaSalette, and Marytown. We will then drop down into Chicago for a week at Holy Cross Monastery while a priest friend takes us to other Holy Places. We will visit the St Therese shrine in Darien on our way to Des Moines, Iowa, then head for Missouri for a brief stay at Conception abbey and several days with the Benedictine Sisters in Gower. We will then visit a dear Brother and friend at Clear Creek Abbey in Oklahoma, and make a short visit with Mother Miriam in Tulsa before flying home. All of this on a tight budget. We were hoping to offset the major expense of a $1600 car rental through Costco Travel if someone in La Crosse wanted to donate a car to either Clear Creek Abbey or Mother Miriam, we could deliver the car to them via our Pilgrimage.
As to La Crosse, I don't know of any room rentals.  Eventually the Shrine may build guest housing but there is none currently available.


BigHappyCatholicFam said...

We’ve stayed in near by Warrens, WI. when visiting The Shrine of O.L.Guadelupe. 4 families, 25-30 children! Rented a log cabin/lodge. The area has many affordable smaller cabins. You can’t go wrong visiting any of The Institute oratories. All of our Marian Shrines are awesome!!!

Fr. Michael said...

There are cabins for rent around Cashton and there is Latin Mass every Thursday evening (assuming the pastor is not on vacation or at school) and a sung Mass every Sunday noon. Check for details on Mass availability.