Is Nashotah House Seminary haunted by a monk in black?

Newspaper articles dating back to 1902 detail various ghost sightings and supernatural experiences at Nashotah House Seminary [Anglican], 2777 MIssion Road.

Most of them recount the history of the "Black Monk," a priest named Daniel Pope who was murdered by his wife in 1852 to accommodate an affair she was having with another man. But his death was ruled a suicide and considered a repugnant sin, so Pope's body was not allowed to buried in the consecrated grounds of the cemetery at Our Lady of Spring Bank Cistercian, where he served.

Nashotah House was nearby, but Pope was not allowed to be buried in hallowed ground there either. His tombstone stands to this day, but is isolated from the other graves.

On her deathbed, the legend goes, Pope's wife confessed to her crime. The priests, horrified at their mistake, exhumed Pope's grave — but found his casket empty.

Now, almost 170 years later, Pope's ghost is said to appear every Halloween and wander the cemetery in search of what should have been his final resting place.
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