Archdiocese of Milwaukee suspension of public Masses extended through April 3rd

An email today from Archbishop Listecki includes,
"Effective Wednesday, March 18, I am suspending the public celebration of Masses throughout the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, through Friday, April 3. This includes weekday and Sunday Masses. I ask that priests still celebrate Mass in their parishes, without an assembly, including the Sunday “pro populo” Masses as required by canon law.

"...Schools are discontinuing face-to-face instruction this week and Religious Education programs should also stop for the time being. All of these measures will be re-evaluated on April 1, with additional communication at that time."


Paul-A. Hardy said...

This is wonderful news! I only wish they had done nearly a half century ago when the novus ordo was introduced. It is seems that we're moving right ahead. Maybe they will suspend Vatican 2 and its edicts and the Catholic faith will become widely available again. Just Wonderful!

Dad29 said...

The Archbishop defended this move on Belling's show.......mentioning that he and/or the Church would be sued and/or vilified were anyone to drop dead having caught the Chinese Flu at Mass.

Weak, at best.