All alone, the Watch Tower

Today's mail was a magazine, a few catalogs, and other items that could be recycled unopened. But one item was different.

It had a printed address label that included "Or Current Resident" but a hand-written return address.

Inside was a letter, that is, a form letter except for a partly hand-written greeting using just my last name, the sender's signature, and a handwritten postscript that the writer could be reached at the return address.

Also enclosed was the tract "How do you view the future?"

Jehovah's Witnesses might evaluate the current pandemic as the wrong time to come to the front door, but they remain persistent. (see Luke 18:1-8)

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Shaban said...

Cant fault their commitment! Good thing they do not come door to door though, I guess even they dont wanna meet up with god too soon.