Since Summer, a Groppi Again Marches for Social Justice in Milwaukee

It's James Groppi's daughter Christine, reports Milwaukee Magazine.
"She’s carrying on a legacy established by her father, the Rev. James Groppi, who led the famous open housing marches with the NCAAP Youth Council that began in the summer of 1967 and carried on for 200 consecutive days into the early part of 1968, a mark matched by protesters on Monday night."


Dad29 said...

In Fr. James Schall's book "The Mind That Is Catholic" I found this passage.

Quoting from Maritain's book The Peasant of the Garonne, Schall finds this question: "Have we to say, too, that Christians should long ago have perceived that, along with their spiritual vocation, the ultimate end of which is eternity, they also had a temporal task with respect to the world, its well-being and its transformation"?

The answer: " Maritain attributed this specific idea, as formulated, the idea of a complete temporal transformation, not to Christianity but to Marx. .........'The Christian can, and must ask for the coming of the Kingdom of God in glory, but is not entitled to ask for........a definite advent of justice and peace, and of human happiness, as the term of the progress of temporal history; for this progress is not capable of any final term'."

Badger Catholic said...

What a great quote