The wedding jars at Cana

Back in 2010 we visited Israel, starting with a coupld days in Jerusalem, then driving up to Galilee to stay a few days, and back for a couple more in Jerusalem.

On the drive to Galilee, we stopped at Cana. A Catholic church there has what are described as jars which are believed similar to those that would have held the wine at the wedding feast in today's Gospel reading, Jn 2:1-11. (See my photo taken at the church.) These jars were at least a couple feet tall and across. It looked like moving such jars around would itself be a minor miracle. Maybe there was a venue used for weddings which was eqipped with jars, and the wine was brought there in skins.

One of the locals told us that the Orthodox church across that street claimed to have the actual jars from the actual wedding feast in the Gospel. That church wasn't open during our brief time in Cana so we couldn't verify that.

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