Auxiliary Bishop William Callahan

Earlier this week I posted that I had heard that Bishop Callahan would be one possible suitors to the Diocese of La Crosse.  Thanks to a commenter I looked into him further. 

Here is a report from May 13, 2009 on Callahan's response in the wake of Weakland's book promoting homosexuality.
Callahan said he talked to Former Archbishop Weakland last week, but despite his knowledge of the book, it was not discussed.[ummm that's a bit strange]  Callahan, who's known Weakland for years, said he's surprised by Weakland's admission that he is gay [....soooo, he wasn't aware he had an affair with a male college student whom he paid millions out of diocesan funds??]  “I think it caught me off guard.  It was not necessarily something I was ready to hear coming from the Archbishop,” Callahan said. [none of us were ready, but "caught off guard" by that revelation?]

WISN 12 News asked Callahan if he thinks the Archdiocese can move on beyond the things Weakland left behind.“Certainly, without a doubt, certainly. The church has moved on for centuries with saints and sinners, and that's Jesus' intention,” Callahan said.  [Note Well:]Callahan said Weakland’s legacy in the church is not just his mistakes but also some of the good he did, including shaping the modern mass. He does not expect the Vatican to weight in on the book.
 WISN 12 Milwaukee

Weakland's legacy is defined by his mistakes.  I would say the appointment of Weakland by Paul VI in the first place has now been proven to be one of several major mistakes.  With his book Weakland becomes tauntingly close to conditions necessary for excommunication.  

Let's just say I hope Callahan is not in the running.   But I did hear his name out there being talked about.  I had thought he was a post-Weakland bishop.  One has to think his association with Weakland makes it very unlikely he would be moved anywhere. 

Pictured: Weakland memorial in Milwaukee Cathedral.


  1. Just think, the picture posted from the Ultra-Mega Wreck-O-Vaction of the one time jewel of a Cathedral in Milwaukee is one of the decent looking 'new' art pieces. Which then goes out the window when one knows what the 'art' was a tribute to. I don't think it's much as guess as to how Weakland would have voted for the new GIRM that is coming out. After reading this post, I really hope he isn't in the running either.

  2. FWIW, a friend who was well-acquainted with Callahan, says that he's a very good man.

    Remember "Romanita." Bishops simply don't speak too frankly to the Press about situations as delicate as the one Rembert presents.

  3. Thank you Dad29. I'll keep that in mind.


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