More on St Joseph's Orphanage in Superior

Thanks to a site called Perfect Duluth Day for linking to my post on St. Joseph's Orphan Home Chapel formerly in Superior, WI.

An interesting comment I found.
That was amazing. Too bad it was taken apart. As kids playing on what was then undeveloped land around the children’s home, we’d stumble on the marble cast-offs from the sculpters.
I hope that the artwork wasn't reduced to being buried, but it looks like it may have just been a former grotto that had been left to the dogs.
I have a few postcards of St. Joe’s in the X-Comm archives. You must have been playing in the overgrown grotto.
Here's the photo:

The other photo at the top is from one of the salvage companies.  An interesting note is that the pews were purposefully made small for children.  In one generation we build whole churches and grottos for children, the next we abort them and prevent them from coming into the world. 

Health Warning: Several other bloggers on the Perfect Duluth Day are promoting homosexual lifestyles.

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Unknown said...

Love the pictures yes I was there with all our family we were the LaBonte family