Marquette Theology department not dead yet

From Mark F. Johnson
Every fall in our Department we start the academic year off with an all-day meeting where we discuss issues facing us and set priorities to be accomplished. The past two years we’ve held the meeting at Milwaukee’s lovely Italian Community Center. Cheerful with expectation at seeing my colleague-friends, and looking forward to the day’s happy meanderings, I entered the building and saw this, which pointed me to where I needed to go:

I then looked to the right and saw this:

Whaaa??? It’s time to get to work.
PS: I took some consolation in the afternoon when I saw our Saint Joan’s Chapel against the backdrop of a glorious, cloudless sky (the picture of which now greets you when you come to the website).
 Happy to see signs of Life at Marquette U.  I highly recommend checking out Mr. Johnson's blog.

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