Obama in Madison, who cares?

Liberal Madison students studying
Apparantly not UW Madison students.  FoxNews is reporting that president is begging for students to attend rally to fill seats.  I'm sure they are too busy "studying."
President Obama campaign found plenty of enthusiasm among students in the 2008 presidential race, but 2010 is another year -- and with seats to fill at a Tuesday rally at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Obama team took the step of sending an e-mail message to supporters in search of an audience.

The president is headed to Madison as part of a series of rallies in swing states leading up to the election. But where he drew a crowd of 17,000 at the University of Wisconsin in 2008 during the presidential race, crowds are expected to be significantly smaller this time around -- so much so that the president's campaign team, Organizing for America, is sending out RSVP requests for Tuesday's rally, featuring musician Ben Harper. 
Fox News


laurazim said...

So what *kills* me about this is the timing.....this week, our wonderful priests are at the annual gathering of the Presbyterate...and this means that the Frs. Eric will be gone from St. Paul, which is literally a stone's throw (oops--can I *say* that?? Maybe I ought to say, "within *spitting* distance".......) from where his imperial o-ness will be blathering on about some liberal nonsense or other. Rats! Rats in a poke!! I was really hoping for Mass, or Adoration, or at least a front-steps Rosary. Maybe the students there will come up with something........

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Hate to say it...I'm not condoning or encouraging drunkenness...but may the "liberal students studying" are better off havin' a few rather than being present for that hog wash...just sayin':<)!

Badger Catholic said...

Haha, interesting laurazim, and why does that not surprise me. It's like the abortion folks have a grace radar to know when to attack.

ROFL, I'd have to agree with you there NP!

laurazim said...

Apparently at one point, his crap rhetoric included, "Did ya ever notice that when you're drivin' [because, you know, he always wants to sound all casual and relatable...], and ya wanna go forward, ya put the shifter on D? An' when ya wanna go backward........ya put it on R?"

Nice. The great unification at work right in front of us.

In other "news," apparently there was a CATHOLIC Secret Service guy in St. Paul's yesterday, talking about what the plan for that building (bomb shelter...military bunker......but still, yes, a church...) would be for today. He was talking with some students about Sacramentals. That's all I know--no real details...I just thought it was kind of cool.

laurazim said...

Oh my gosh! You know what else?? When this entry is at the top of the queue, the kid on the left in the photo *kinda* looks a little bit like our dear author over there in the profile pic on the right.......just a little bit......just kinda........I'm just sayin'............hahaha! ;)

Badger Catholic said...

Haha, well I did notice a slight resemblance, but if you can show me a young liberal who drinks Old Milwaukee, in moderation mind you, well then you got me. From the looks of this, these boys are either drinking Butt Lite Lime or maybe some raspberry Schnapps. And the one on the right is clearly ready to barf. Hmm, I do need to update that picture, don't I.

I would be standing on a barstool screaming about the Vendee and the Return of the King if I were there.

Secret Service guy better not tell his boss!