NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin launches campaign against 40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life officially began September 22 and runs through October 31.

In response to the joyful, hopeful message that 40 Days for Life brings, NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin has launched its own 40-day observance.

Taking a cue from Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s efforts to raise money off Pro-Life Wisconsin, NARAL is asking supporters to donate money in response to 40 Days for Life.  Lisa Subeck, executive director of NARAL, sent this email on September 27.

Where will this money go? To crisis pregnancy centers that help women by providing free ultrasounds, prenatal care, baby clothes, counseling, parenting classes and a supportive shoulder to lean on?

Nope. The money goes right into NARAL’s pocketbook. So Lisa Subeck can continue to write pro-abortion editorials like this one advocating for genocide in the womb.

NARAL’s desperate attempt to fundraise includes the “Forty 4 Forty” logo, which states “Pledging to end harassment… one picketer at a time”. What does this mean? What, exactly, is “one picketer at a time”? This is not “choice,” nor is it pro-woman nor pro-health. It is threatening!

During 40 Days for Life, the window shades at the Madison Planned Parenthood are shut, so the women waiting to see the abortionist cannot look outside. If Planned Parenthood cared about women and was confident in its message and mission, why the fear? Why make the abortion facility a dark, hopeless place? This simple change – closing the window shades so patients and workers cannot see the people outside praying for them – demonstrates the effect our prayers are having, more than we know.

Please – join 40 Days for Life today as we celebrate the joy of life and offer women love and hope outside Wisconsin’s abortion mills. If you can’t join us, keep us in your prayers.

40 Days for Life is observed in the Wisconsin area in Appleton, Green Bay, La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee, Wausau and Rockford, Ill. For more information on locations and who to contact, go to the 40 Days for Life website.
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laurazim said...

"the Wisconsin Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin Foundation have partnered with FPHS to create the Forty 4 Forty pledge campaign. The name is inspired by what the anti-choice movement refers to as “40 Days for Life” which manifests itself in “40 Days of Harassment” as anti-choice demonstrators maintain a constant 40 day presence outside of clinics during which they harass patients, staff, and others approaching the health centers."

In contrast to what 40 Days For Life ACTUALLY is: A peaceful, prayer presence outside of abortion mills. The statement of peace, which is required to have been signed by participants, says, "I will not threaten, physically contact, or verbally abuse the employees, volunteers, or customers or anyone using the facility." And signs? The "Rules of the Road" says this: "There are two official signs. One is a 40 Days for Life sign. The other one is an Option Line sign. The Option Line is the national hotline that offers counseling and resources to abortion-minded men and women. The first sign identifies that we are prayer warriors with 40 Days. The second sign offers help to the men and women who go into Planned Parenthood without us even needing to open our mouths. PLEASE DO NOT BRING OTHER SIGNS."

So............bunk, as usual, from the other side. An nowhere to comment--just links to donate to their murderous cause.

Not that we're surprised.

Rules of the Road:
Statement of Peace:

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

May the good Lord give every grace and blessing to the initiative of 40 Days for Life. May our Lady and St. Joseph intercede and help them all.
May St. Michael defeat this horrid evil, help to convert sinners, and bring us back to sanity.
Killing the unborn is NEVER an answer; EVER!