St. Felix, Wabasha, MN

Br. Stephen at Sub Tuum has some nice photos upstream from La Crosse a bit.

St. Felix, Wabasha.

On Saturday, I made my first real foray out of the Abbey since coming home from Toronto two months ago. Fr. Robert and I headed up the Minnesota side of the Mississippi to the towns of Wabasha and Lake City to look at some galleries that might be future venues for his paintings and stopped in at the annual wildlife and sportsman’s art show held in the parish hall in Lake City, where you’ll find everything from five dollar coffee mugs to $10,000 paintings of your quarry of choice, some of them very good.

In Wabasha, population 2600, where it turned out the annual fall festival was happening, we stumbled upon two churches of the sort the sort that make a small American town.

We found St. Felix Church open and the priest hearing confessions, so we moved about quietly, taking in the fine carving and polychrome work on the church’s altars.


Also I see InNeedofMercy also recently visited the same parish and grabbed some photos.   He was a bit more frank in his commentary.
Thankfully this beautiful church only suffered a minor wreck-o-vation when the communion rails were ripped out and the ugly puke-beige colored carpet was laid down on the entire first floor. I hope the next renovation entails nice refinished hard wood floors and reinstallation of the communion rails.

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