Good Friday photos

The Passion of Christ sung(in English) by three male members of the choir. 
Dr. Luckner does an excellent job with the music for Holy Week
New bassist did a phenomenal job!
Friars of the Immaculate in the houze!
Bp Callahan gave very good homilies both Good Friday and Easter Vigil.  Really spoke to my heart.
Deacon Richards, Veneration of the Cross

Joseph Richards and Fr. Gorman
The whole set is on Flickr

I have some Easter Vigil photos coming.  I literally take a couple hundred photos where not that many turn out cause the Cathedral is very dark even during the day.  Takes a while to narrow down what's worth sharing.

Also I forgot my camera for Holy Thursday Mass but Bishop Callahan had on a stunning fiddleback vestment with an ornate image of Christ crucified on the back.  I mean this think was fantastic!  Although there's almost no point during the Mass where one can see the back of the vestment, still my jaw literally dropped.  And then later on that night I found out from a priest friend that he heard the vestment was actually being thrown out in .. I think Detroit or somewhere in Michigan and Bishop Callahan rescued it and had it restored.  I saw the bishop Easter morning before #3's baptism but he looked a bit exhausted so I thought maybe I would try and ask him some other time(which might not be until Christmas at which my scatterbrain would forget).  I emailed The Catholic Times to see if they would do a story on it but I never heard back.  If any of you Catholic Times writers read the blog, I think it would be a great story.


  1. Nice! Did you submit to the local diocesan newspaper?

  2. Thanks Craig! I didn't, but it's a good idea.


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