Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodger: "I am pro-life!"

Pro-life dinners are the best kind. You’re among friends who hold the same belief – that all life is sacred and should be protected.

Friday, May 7 was no different in Green Bay. A & A Alexandrina Center, a crisis pregnancy center in Green Bay, held their annual dinner auction fundraiser at the KI Convention Center.

The theme of the evening was courage, and that theme was manifested through the whole event — the special awardees, the speakers, and a very special surprise that was saved until the end. Pro-life superstar Jill Stanek gave the keynote address, and the Bishop of Green Bay, Bishop David Ricken, delivered a powerful speech to on courage and staying true.

Mayor Jim Schmidt of Green Bay was the auctioneer. The most popular item auctioned off was an autographed Green Bay Packers helmet, signed by Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers. The helmet had a special message on it — Rodgers wrote, “I am pro-life!” For all you Packer fans, be proud of your team!

We will have a picture of the autographed helmet to share with you soon. For now, thank you to all who attended and all who stand in defense of the preborn.
Pro-Life Wisconsin

His... uh... Catholic predecessor.... never took that position publicly...  Just sayin.

Aaron Rodgers just scored against Chuck Norris.


Anonymous said...

Great news re: Rodgers.

I think that shot at Favre is a bit unfair though. While Favre's own moral failures have been made all to public, he is a man of sincere Catholic faith and has always shown great respect for the Church.

Badger Catholic said...

You might like to know Anon, that I am a Favre apologist. I do defend him often. But not using his celebrity and fame to promote a culture of life is a greater shortcoming than any personal moral failure he has had.

Anonymous said...

I would disagree that every celebrity need to explicitly and clearly state that they are pro-life and to do otherwise is a negative mark upon them if they do not use their celebrity to push an agenda.

Badger Catholic said...

If a celebrity is Catholic then I agree on all "agenda" except the pro-life cause. There are upwards of 3000 abortions committed every day in the US alone. A Catholic who is bound by oath to love his neighbor must be willing to accept the stigma of being pro-life. I'm not saying said celebrity must champion the cause but simply support it where they can. I've never heard it acknowledged once by you know who.

Anonymous said...

In a 2007 interview with Catholic News Service:

Brett's wife Denna said, "We (Brett and I) were always totally against abortion."

Anonymous said...