Run for the Unborn marks 2nd birthday

This past Sunday, October 10, I(Virginia) participated in the Run for the Unborn, a 5k run/walk in Slinger, Wis [in case anyone is wondering about my time... I beat whatever Matt's time would be].

Many organized runs/marathons support a cause or intend to raise awareness about a particular illness (Alzheimer’s, Down syndome, etc.)

The cause of the unborn — the 55 million who have been killed since Roe v. Wade — is the focus of this annual event. The tagline, if you will, is “Run for the Unborn …because they will never learn to crawl.”

Think about that.

The run happened just 2 days after the state of Wisconsin released its annual report on the number of abortions in the state in 2010. Abortions dropped in 2010, thank God; but 7,825 abortions is 7,825 lives snuffed out, 7,825 babies who were “unplanned,” inconvenient, too expensive, or diagnosed with a birth defect.

A photographer from the local newspaper was there, so I’m sure pictures of the event will surface soon. You can read the Milwaukee Catholic Herald’s article about last year’s inaugural Run for the Unborn and also view pictures from 2010.

As with last year, we had great response from the community. One of my thoughts about this event was, Wow, it’s so great that the city of Slinger has been so supportive. And then I wondered if the city of Milwaukee would support a similar effort.


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