Chicago conference on Bl. Charles Habsburg

The conference is sponsored by The Blessed Emperor Karl League of Prayers.  There is also an organization promoting the canonization of Empress Zita.

The Mass will be at 7:00 p.m. with a homily about the holy lives of Blessed Karl and Servant of God Empress Zita of Austria. Afterwards, at 8:15 p.m. Archduke Rudolf of Austria, the eldest grandchild of the imperial couple [and rightful heir to the throne] will give a lecture with PowerPoint on the lives and holiness of his grandparents. He will pay particular attention to their married life and their spiritual relationship of helping each other obtain heaven, and their political lives of service to their people.

Afterwards, there will be a reception where he and several other members of the Habsburg family will be present to answer questions. They will also sign copies of a new graphic biography on Blessed Karl entitled Karl I: The Peace Emperor, which will be available for sale.

If you haven't read A Heart For Europe, you should.  It is a must read for any Catholic or anyone in politics.

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, if I was in the mid-west this event would be a must-attend,

The history of the house of Habsburg is just epic, Charles V's forces at the siege of Malta comes quickly to mind!

Karl and Zita were a truly holy, kind, and beautiful couple. There is a great picture of them kneeling for a blessing from a priest on a railroad platform during the attempt to re-take the throne of Hungary.

I have sometimes wondered if that that 100 years of Devilish power (that comes from the prophecy in regards to one of the 19th century Popes, one of the Leo's maybe, the one that gave the Church the prayer to St. Micheal) began in 1914 with the murder of Franz Ferdinand Habsburg by a member of the terrorist organization "the Black Hand." This killing sparked not only World War I but directly or indirectly almost every other war since (World War II obviously but even more far flung conflicts, the roots of the Vietnam war go to the Versallis confrence at which a young Ho Chi Minh was present!)Also let's not forget how World War I spawned the 1917 Communist Revolution.

The connections between Emperor Karl and John Paul II are also very interesting.