FANtastic Fridays: UW-Madison Memes edition

There is this crazy obsession called memes going across Facebook... My brothers are obsessed with the UW-Madison Memes Facebook page.

So many good photos, so little space. Ahhh, Madison. Happy Friday!


  1. If you swap "What it really is" with "What locals think it is" then I'm IN!

    Because Wisconsin really is the earthly manifestation of dairy/beer heaven. We know how to do them well, it just is what it is!

    And yes, I suppose my comment reinforces the 'what locals think it is'...but it IS! :P

  2. Hey, what a great NCAA game last night! Woot!!!

  3. State is peaking at the perfect moment...just in time to crash during March Madness.

  4. Larry-- haha! -- did you see this article:

  5. Virginia - that was awesome! I want one for my blog!


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