World-leading Marxist economist to speak at UW-La Crosse

The University of Wisconsin – La Crosse will be hosting an internationally acclaimed Marxist economist next week as part of a lecture series featuring international scholars. Prabhat Patnaik, of India, has worked in academics and government in India and advised the United Nations on measures to reform the global financial system. The current state of the global economy will be the topic of Mr. Patnaik’s speech next Thursday.

For at least two decades Patnaik edited the Journal of Social Scientists, a publication of the Indian School of Social Sciences in New Dehli. It appears to have last been published in 2001, and it served as a reliable mouthpiece for Marxist economic thought in Asia.
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It has long been obvious that Socialists are interested in everything else except Socialism.  - Opening line of There Was a Socialist - GK Chesterton

Did I ever show you what magazine I was reading in the waiting room last time I was at the Franciscan Skemp Clinic in La Crosse?

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