St. Mary's Catholic Church, Cashton, WI

Last Sunday my family took the trip to St. Mary's Ridge for the Traditional Latin Mass. St. Mary's has a fantastic church and a good setup. The Institute of Christ the King offers the Extraordinary Form regularly there with a full time priest. The Institute shares the church with the diocese(with a good diocesan priest posted there), so the Ordinary Form is also offered on Sundays as well. The diocesan parish is consolidated with two other parishes.  Recent "beautification" photos available on their website. 

I was happy to hear Fr. Gardner address the HHS persecution going on, and speaking frankly on political matters during his homily.   A beautiful Mass, the music was well done, some hymns mixed in with the chant propers.  A good community up there, definitely worth a look for anyone interested in rural life with a great parish.  Oh, and if you are lucky, after Mass you may get to sample beer from the brewmaster himself

Stations still written in German


  1. Lorraineo36@gmail.comJanuary 21, 2013 at 7:09 AM

    What a beautiful church.What a very holy committed PREIST,Fr.Glenn Gardner .I felt the Holy Spirit all though the mass.

  2. I pray the traditional mass is still being offered here. I can't help but notice the above are older posts.


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