National Shrine of Mary, Help of Christians at Holy Hill, Hubertus, WI

After we left St. Joseph's chapel, it really started to snow. Later Virginia relayed to me that Holy Hill was the epicenter of the snowstorm. So my friend and I (we will call him Tom for anonymity) drove about 30 miles/hr up Hwy 45 and made it to Holy Hill. It is nestled in a forest, and the snow covered trees looked amazing... the roads, not so much. We were staying in their Guest House and it was confusing as to where to go since the gift shop was closed. If you ever stay, drive all the way to the top and look for the Monastery Office. We went through and took some pictures, got checked in, and Tom noticed they had 5 pm Vespers, I think because it was First Friday. The whole trip was providential, we walked into the side chapel for vespers just as everyone was getting seated. There were about 10 Carmelite priests, all of Vespers were chanted in English with the Blessed Sacrament exposed. Tantum Ergo was also sung at the end, it was a very good experience, I would recommend it. Afterwards Fr. Michael introduced himself, and seemed amazed that we navigated the blizzard to get up there.  Oh, and I did not realize Holy Hill was a basilica, Milwaukee, you got it goin on!

So like the smart men we are, we decided to go back to town to get something to eat. We met up with Virginia at Mo's Pub, and conspired how to successfully get a Secession of Wisconsin and appoint Archduke Rudolf king(Conference FRIDAY).

So the drive back to Holy Hill was fine, except Holy Hill herself was not plowed. We made it in but not up the hill. We had borrowed a shovel from the guest house for just such an occasion. But shoveling alone would not get us up this hill. So my brilliance would shine. I told Tom to get in and drive and I sat on the hood of the car, careful to make sure I fell off to the right or to the left but not in the middle, and we crept up the hill to the main parking lot. Victorious, we decided to take a shot at the next hill up to the Guest House. I grabbed hold of the wipers as Tom gunned it. No injuries but we did not succeed. 1 for 2 is not bad. Okay, enough of me yapping. Here's some pictures.


  1. thank you! beautiful!

  2. I love the chapel of the Blessed Virgin with the Child Jesus. Holy Hill is a favorite pilgrimage site of mine.

  3. You still have some stories to tell about HH! Ahem!!

  4. Love the pictures of Holy Hill in winter.


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