St. Joseph's Chapel, Milwaukee, WI

My next stop in Milwaukee was at St. Joseph's Chapel which is run by the School Sisters of St Francis. I contacted them prior to the trip and they told me that they were setting up for a concert and no tours were available but that the chapel would be open and we would be free to go in for a look. When we arrived the receptionist gave us the third degree, but then a sister(I assume) came out and asked us what I was going to use the pictures for. I told her I was going to make postcards to sell to put my kids through college(joking). She did end up letting us go in. Only a few of the lights were on and some of the concert equipment was setup so I didn't get the best photos.

The chapel was beautiful, and probably the most striking thing are the relics on display. Several reliquaries are spread throughout. It is much like the Mary, Queen of Angels chapel in La Crosse, run by the FSPA. The FSPA's is I think more beautiful, but this chapel doesn't suffer from the 1970's red carpet that the former does. Also I was not thrown out and forbidden to return by the Sisters here, so that was an added bonus. There is also an adoration chapel on the other side of the sanctuary, but we did not go around to see it(we weren't sure even where to go). I heard later after we left that the Archdiocesan offices are now located there? I thought they were at the Cousins Center but I forgot about the whole trying to sell it thing.  At any rate, besides the somewhat strange ufo lighting, a beautiful chapel.  I wonder what kind of concert they were having?

When the sisters wore habits

St. Gemma Galgani


JoshD said...

The archdiocese has moved their offices back to the Cousins' Center as the were unable to sell the property, and it made little sense to keep paying rent to the sisters.

Virginia Zignego said...

Did you see the Infant of Prague statue there? I was told (3-ish years ago) the sisters change the Infant's outfit every day.

Badger Catholic said...

Yes, actually I took a picture of it but I didn't add it to the set. I guess I had better. That's actually awesome if they did change him every day, like Our Lady. How is this order of sisters? I thought I saw that some did actually wear habits.

Anonymous said...

Since I moved to Wisconsin 10 years ago this is one of my top places to visit regularly, to meditate, pray and just be close to God. Its beauty alone will calm you and transport you to the story of Christ, reminds me of the churches in europe where I was raised, it is a treasure that I don't think many native wisconsinites even know about, we are so blessed!