FOX6′s Ted Perry interview with Cdl. Dolan

Colbert even comes up. Considers Gov. Scott Walker a good friend but doesn't weigh in on the recall. Cdl. Dolan as always is a good interview, Perry kind of tries to claim him for Wisconsin at the end, a little awkward. I mean, of course we can be affectionate for the man, but asking him: "What part of you have you brought to the world? What part of Wisconsin, when we see you in that national spotlight, what part can we say 'That's us! That's our influence on him!'." Yuk, there's probably a better way to ask what his experience in Wisconsin has meant to him. Dolan, of course commanding every conversation, right on key replies "A good 35 to 40 pounds."  Haha. 

From Fox6:
62-year-old Timothy Dolan bursts into a room the way he arrived in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee 10 years ago. Early on, he spoke with the optimism that Catholics had longed to hear and even then, was downplaying his imminent rise. Back in 2002, Dolan said he was going to die in Milwaukee, and this weekend, he said he meant it. “I was relishing spending the rest of my life in Milwaukee because I loved it here,” Dolan said.

Dolan’s critics say he didn’t do enough to move along the healing process regarding the clergy sex abuse scandal – a point Dolan concedes, but not for lack of effort. More recent sore points for Catholics are changes to the Mass, which many find simply unnecessary, and a recent rebuke of Catholic nuns by the Vatican for straying from church doctrine.

“From the beginning, what do you see? That the church had challenges, difficulties, people leaving, divisions, dissents, wrong teaching. We’ve seen it since the beginning,” Dolan said

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