"No hope that assisting NCR with a story will result in a just reporting of the facts"

Society of Jesus Christ the Priest
Fr Z notes that the National Catholic Fishwrap did an article on the Platteville situation.  Read the whole thing but check this out:

Here, however, is the money quote from the Fishwrap article:
Neither Morlino nor anyone from the diocese would respond to a request for an interview. A spokesman from the diocese wrote in an email, “We have no hope that assisting NCR with a story will result in a just reporting of the facts regarding the sad situation in Platteville.
The rest from Fr. Z


  1. Smack! That'll get the comments rolling over there!!

  2. Man, maybe if Fr. Z's suggestion pays off, we could build a new cathedral! That would REALLY get those dissenter's goat.


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