Adoration and devotions on Election Day

All the good ones are doing it.  This is all I have for now, please update in the comments with others and I will add it to this post.

From Fr. Heilman:

Pine Bluff:
Adoration all day on Election Day – 
St. Mary of Pine Bluff, 
Tuesday, November 6 
from 7:00 AM when the polls open until 8:00 PM when they close. 
5:30 PM Mass, 
6:00 PM Chanted Vespers, 
6:15 PM 15 Decades of the Rosary, 
7:45 PM - Benediction.
 Please consider setting all of Tuesday aside for prayer and fasting for our country.

La Crosse:
Tomorrow night at the Adoration Chapel at Blessed Sacrament, we will be praying from 7-8 pm. Hope you can join us! Please vote pro-life + pray for all the candidates and our country


  1. I walked out onto my deck this morning to be greeted by the first snowfall of the year---ugh.

    It occurred to me, as a Catholic, maybe this was a sign from God of his descending Grace renewing humanity----or that the Lutherans are right and God is just trying to cover up the s**t pile of humanity so He doesn't have to see it.

    I guess we'll know later tonight.

    (this comment is more humourous if you understand the theological differences between Catholics and Lutherans on the relationship between Grace and Nature).


  2. Answer: God was covering over the s**t pile.


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