Adoration and devotions on Election Day

All the good ones are doing it.  This is all I have for now, please update in the comments with others and I will add it to this post.

From Fr. Heilman:

Pine Bluff:
Adoration all day on Election Day – 
St. Mary of Pine Bluff, 
Tuesday, November 6 
from 7:00 AM when the polls open until 8:00 PM when they close. 
5:30 PM Mass, 
6:00 PM Chanted Vespers, 
6:15 PM 15 Decades of the Rosary, 
7:45 PM - Benediction.
 Please consider setting all of Tuesday aside for prayer and fasting for our country.

La Crosse:
Tomorrow night at the Adoration Chapel at Blessed Sacrament, we will be praying from 7-8 pm. Hope you can join us! Please vote pro-life + pray for all the candidates and our country


Cassandra said...

I walked out onto my deck this morning to be greeted by the first snowfall of the year---ugh.

It occurred to me, as a Catholic, maybe this was a sign from God of his descending Grace renewing humanity----or that the Lutherans are right and God is just trying to cover up the s**t pile of humanity so He doesn't have to see it.

I guess we'll know later tonight.

(this comment is more humourous if you understand the theological differences between Catholics and Lutherans on the relationship between Grace and Nature).

Badger Catholic said...


Cassandra said...

Answer: God was covering over the s**t pile.