Racine teacher: "Go after the Catholics"

Meanwhile, Katherine Villarreal, a teacher at Racine’s Mitchell Middle School, wrote, “I am a very proud UNION THUG teacher. Today I even worked an extra three hours for FREE! I will still stick w my UNION before scabbing and slumming with y’all!”

Villarreal added a post script: “Go after the Catholics!”

EAGnews contacted Villarreal to ascertain why anyone should “go after the Catholics.”

“I DO NOT have to explain myself to you,” she responded.

But a Facebook comment from 2012 may offer a clue. She wrote, “Catholics are scary. I remember being told while attending Catholic School: All Christians are good, but Catholics are better… Better what? Pedophiles? Liars? Bigots?
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Aged parent said...

I feel genuine sorrow for Miss Villareall. She is one of the many misguided and troubled souls that seem to be everywhere in life. I wish I could speak with her privately one day.

Anonymous said...

Im relativley sure she used to teach third grade at st. Rita School in Racine...Interesting....I was maybe in 5-8th grade when she was there...

Dave P. said...

Two points here:

1) Make any statement against homosexual practice, and you're fired, blacklisted, and have no real legal recourse anymore. Make statements against conservative Christians - especially Catholics - and it's no big deal.

2) Ms. Villareal will make no mention of the pedophiles in the public school system, or the coverups thereof.

Dave P.

Cassandra said...

After a quick search on Google (they know more about you than the NSA),
I concur that she taught at St. Rita's

same katevillarreal@hotmail.com is also on http://mrsvillarreal.org/
and at Walden III Middle and High School information. So apparently she's been making her rounds corrupting everybody's kids.

Her twitter: https://twitter.com/moongoddess1968
where it says she's an "ordained minister".
Kate Villarreal ‏@moongoddess1968 22 Jan 12

"I love people who love and respect other people. Don't fall in that category? May u b damned for all eternity! It's what Jesus would do!"

Aren't Catholic schools great that they pick such winners to indoctrinate their kids?

Anonymous said...

You notice the original letter she is responding to is not posted.

Mrs. Villarreal was a teacher at a few Catholic schools I know her. I talked to her about this letter. When she said go after the Catholics she was saying this group should target Catholic teachers who do not have a union. Kate has nothing against Catholics, she taught religion class at 3 Catholic schools. She did leave the church to go to her husband's Lutheran church. She is also an ordained minister, although she did it online and it is a joke. She doesn't go around blessing people or anything. It is a joke.

Kate did not like the anti-union/ anti-teacher group that sent her the letter she was replying to. If you go to the source of this article the website is nothing but hate for teachers. The letter was in reply to an attack on her profession and is taken out of context.