Remnant Episode 1: Mark Shea vs Michael Voris: Who Won the Debate?

Michael Matt sits down with Kent Wuchterl (founder of the "Argument of the Month Club), about the AOTM's first debate of the year, between Mark Shea and Michael Voris. Question is, who won the cage match?


  1. I had to stop watching at 8:20 or so when Kent asks 'what do laymen wear to the crises in the Church?' These men are clearly drinking beer.


    1. If I may "address" your reaction, which is the word that the speaker actually used, it is a shame that you did not listen to the entire presentation--you might have learned something about some very serious issues confronting the Catholic Church from a layman's perspective; and it is rather unbecoming to mock someone's speech patterns, which if you had continued on, you would have seen that the speaker wasn't the most polished public speaker, but that should not matter. Deflecting from the main points to make a personal attack can only be the mark of a very uninspired mind.

  2. How dare that priest compare Michael Voris to Padre Pio and St. John the Baptist.
    Voris has calumniated many Bishops.
    How many of their priests and parishioners have lost their faith due to these allegations?
    He is doing more damage to the faith than good.

    1. Anon to Anon:

      Please show me the priestly comparisons of Voris to any saints or near-saints of the Church? My sense is that Voris would not like it. I would like to read further...

      Can you be more specific on Voris' calumny? I do recall reading that St. Thomas Aquinas encouraged the Faithful to express their dissent if they felt that their teachers were in error. Remember the words, and I'm not quoting exactly: "The road to Hell is paved with the skulls of Bishops?"

      I would submit that those bishops, priests, and nuns who preach in the public square falsely cause greater scandal to the laity than those who attempt to admonish them. Those priests and parishioners who have lost their faith lost it long ago, and not to the public chastisements of a Voris.

      As to anyone's damage to their Faith--remember that there is no collective judgment in Heaven. You and me and everyone else will stand before God alone, stripped of all pretenses, and be judged. Since we can think for ourselves, the defense that "Voris made me do it!" will not suffice, IMO.

    2. No... don't think he is at all. It would be more damaging to ignore it all and pretend the Church is in a "new springtime," that we're experiencing a "new advent." Reminds me of the Obama Administration telling us that we are no longer in a recession.

  3. Anon @7:27am:

    Mr Nelson is one of those souls who imagines himself (quite mistakenly) to be the very quintessence of wit. I wouldn't have even bothered to respond to him.


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