Fanatic Friday: Creep Edition

I love* this.  I didn't know this but Haley Reinhart was on American Idol, just a fantastic, unique voice; Illinois native.  I've been rather enjoying discovery of Postmodern Jukebox, they are on tour in Milwaukee, Madison, and the Twin Cities June 10-12.  

 A little language I guess.

*Not agape of course considering the readings today

A fanatic week of work leads to light posting, oh those crazy Germans!  I'm going to be gone next week also so you'll have to forgive me for this criminal activity.  We, the royal court.. entourage.... politburo!? of The Badger Catholic are always looking for contributors, email me if you are interested.  I am mustering up the energy for a photography tour de force of the La Crosse area.  #FightTheApathy  BTW, there was a pirate ship here yesterday...

HT Jen

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