Archbishop Cupich is sending the Cubs a special blessing and Catholic chaplain for Chicago Cubs

Abp. Cupich was given a Cubs skullcap by Rabbi Lowenstein
Pull up a pew.

Cupich, who will become a cardinal next month, tells Sneed he is sending the Cubbies a blessing.

A special blessing.

“Hey, I’m storming heaven on their behalf,” Cupich tells Sneed.

“I’m probably the only cardinal who is for the Chicago Cubs,” chuckled Cupich, who heads to Rome next month for his investiture as cardinal of the nation’s third-largest archdiocese and 2.2 million Roman Catholics; the hand-picked choice of Pope Francis.

“Mike, I’ve already told the Ricketts family [the Cubs’ owners] I’m pulling for them,” said Cupich, who leads his flock with a symbolic, but peaceful bat: a crozier.

“I assured them that I’m in their corner!”

“And if the Cubs win the pennant and make it into the World Series, we’ll make a [food] bet with the bishop or cardinal of the city’s team like we did with the Blackhawks,” he said.
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WGN Radio: Father Burke Masters is the Catholic Chaplain for the Chicago Cubs

Bill and Wendy are joined on the phone by Father Burke Masters. Father Burke is a former baseball player at Mississippi State University, where he played in the College World Series, Vocations Director for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Joliet, and Catholic Chaplain for our Chicago Cubs! He joins Bill and Wendy to fill them in on what exactly he does as Chaplain for the Cubs.

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