Police say suspect in Neillsville WI church burglary spoke in ‘demonic voice’, referenced Satan

Pictured: Seth Meier, taken in 2015 
Clark County (WQOW) — Authorities have identified the man accused of vandalizing a Clark County church.

Neillsville police said Seth Meier, of Lublin, confessed to going into St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Neillsville Thursday night and damaging statues and wall hangings.

Meier was found at a home in Neillsville. The homeowner told police that Meier admitted to vandalizing the church and had been acting strange for the past five days, even speaking in a demonic voice. She said Seth and his brother, Tyler, had been talking in verse and talking about religion a lot.

According to police, Meier appeared to be under the influence of drugs. He was taken to the hospital to be checked out. While there, police said he continued to speak in a demonic voice. At one point, police said Meier said the last thing he remembered was “destroying the insolent temple”.

During his interrogation, Meier said he blessed the altar with snow. When asked how he blessed it, the criminal complaint states Meier said: “I dumped some snow on the altar and I said I bless you Satan in the name of Jesus Christ.” He went on to say he damaged a cross because it was not really Jesus. He said he left the church after “the father” told him to.
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Well isn't that special.  The end part is odd.  It could be mental illness, drugs or possession or maybe a combination of the three. 


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This stuff has reportedly increased exponentially. Not a surprise.